Testing the GS Muscle Up Tank


I recently tested another Greenstyle Creations pattern, the Muscle Up Tank! I had never done a pattern test for anyone other than myself, so I was eager to try it out using my husband’s measurements. I asked him if he was willing to test and be my model, and he agreed! (Thanks again)

The tank is a basic muscle style tank, but also a great everyday tank. The lower armscyes are great for working out, but not too low for lounging around. Throughout testing, the option for a pocket and hood were added.

Through testing, you usually sew up at least two versions. One with the first drafted pattern to help get out any needed tweaks, and a final version. The final I sewed up was in Phee’s Rayon Spandex. My partner wore it playing pick up basketball up at the University’s Rec Center and said he was complimented on the style and how soft the fabric is (they ran into each other during the game)!


Halfway through testing, I decided to make myself a hooded version. I went by my measurements and kept sizing as is (I’m wearing the XS). I used a jersey sweater knit from Boho Fabrics (click for 10% off your first purchase), and I NEED to get more. I cannot explain what this fabric feels like, but it was perfect for this tank!


The back coverage on this pattern is wider than the Solo Tank (blog post coming!), and the hem is straight on this one. The hood is three pieces, and some of the testers made some great hooded versions with contrasting colors. That is my plan for the next one!


The fit of this tank is straight down. There are no curves for wait and hips, which makes it great for all body types. On my next one, depending on the fabric, I think I will grade to a small in the hips so it fits a bit looser. For my husband, his fits great with a straight large.


I love that I can make both of us tanks with this one pattern. Hubs has requested a hooded version next. I think I’ll make a hooded version with a pocket for me next… because I love pockets (if you haven’t noticed from my previous posts). I might try to add a kangaroo pocket (not included) also…

What do you think of this tank? Who will you sew one up for first? I have mine paired with my plain black supplex Super G Tights.

Find the pattern here.

Find Phee’s Rayon Spandex here.

Find Boho Fabric’s site here.


As always, let me know if you have any questions or comments! Thanks for stopping by!


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