A Fitted Sheet for our Family Bed

Today I’m writing on a topic not related to sewing clothing! Weird, right? I hope you enjoy this post, and please let me know if you have any questions!

My great aunt and uncle recently moved from Arizona and graciously gave us a couple of twin beds, bed side table, and dresser that have been passed around their family since their kids were kids. We are so grateful that they offered the set to us for our son, since we hadn’t gotten him any furniture, yet. Plus, the set is a much better quality than we would have been able to afford!


We set up one bed with the small dresser and bedside table in our second bedroom, but since we’re still both full-time students, we still need a space for our large desk (and my sewing space is that closet…!). Since the Little still prefers to sleep in our room, and takes over the rest of the house with all of his toys, I am totally OK with him not having his own room at this point… and he doesn’t seem to mind, either.

So, what did we decide to do with the second twin bed? We connected it to our king bed! We stored the headboard and footboard underneath, and zip tied the frame of the twin to the king so it wouldn’t move. We bought this connecter set that is meant to connect to twin beds together to make a king. The set come with a foam insert that goes between the mattresses to fill in the gap. The second reason I opted for this set was because it comes with a strap that ties around the two mattresses to hold them together. So, for extra security the frames are tied together AND the mattresses are tied together.


I opted to keep the mattress covers (waterproof) separate. This helps with laundry duty when the Little may have an accident on the twin bed but the king side is still ok. I did buy a crib protector cover to go over the foam mattress cover since that is not waterproof. It lays over top the cover and I can barely feel the sides.


So, what about a fitted sheet? With the foam insert, the fitted sheet needs to fit over the entire bed. I bought a nice King sheet set from Marshalls for a good price, knowing that I’d be cutting into it. I debated how to sew the two together. My parents were visiting at the time so all four of us were talking about what to do. My husband then suggested cutting down the middle and inserting the section of fitted sheet in the middle. So, essentially this is what I did! I cut off the edge, keeping the corner intact of one side of the fitted sheet. And when I say cut, really I ripped it (the advantage of woven fabric!!). I then serged (a regular machine would work fine) one edge of the fitted sheet to the slim side. I then measure the width of the twin bed, and cut (ripped) the flat sheet that was sewn to the edge about an inch wider than the twin bed measurement. I then serged the big part of the fitted to the part of the flat sheet.


I was planning on attaching elastic, but first checked for fit on the bed. Because I left the corner and side of the original fitted intact, there was enough elastic to keep the sheet on the bed. So, I left it! It’s been washed a couple of times since, and stay in place nicely without the elastic at the top and bottom of the twin bed.


I wish I would have taken more photos of the process, but it all happened in less than half an hour and with my parents and my husband helping, photos were not what I was thinking about.


Sharing a bed with a toddler is definitely not for every family, but it has worked best for us. Now, he has his own designated space for sleeping, but can still scoot over if he needs a snuggle. Plus, when he wakes up in the middle of the night from a bad dream, like when he started yelling in his sleep one night, “no eat my [ba]nana!”, I’m right there to tell him he’s dreaming and he drifts off to sleep in a few seconds. Nobody has to get out of bed, and nobody loses more than a few minutes of sleep. Plus, waking up to toddler snuggles are one of my favorite things that I know won’t last forever. 🙂

Next on the list is making new headboards (the old headboard needs some revamping), buying matching blankets, and adding art above the bed! I saw this tutorial on fabric headboards, and have plans to make one for the top and side of our bed. Our house is an old brick house and the outside walls are rather hard. A padded headboard is just what we need. Plus, more pretty fabric for me to pick out! 🙂 The walls also need some new paint. Our bedroom (well, both bedrooms) has been on the bottom of our list since we moved in, and I’m glad it’s finally coming together.


I’ll post updates of when we get to finishing the room. 🙂 Let me know if you have questions about the steps of the sheet! I am happy to take more photos or help walk you through the process.

As always, let me know if you have any questions or comments! Thanks for stopping by!


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