P4P – Cocoon Cardigan

This winter, I made a couple of Cocoon Cardigans by Patterns for Pirates. This is a great cardigan pattern. The rounded front is a unique characteristic that makes this pattern stand out.


I ordered this beautiful brushed sweater knit from Surge Fabric (click for 10% off your first purchase!) last fall and knew I wanted to sew it up into a cardigan. I had my eye on the Cocoon Cardigan for awhile, so finally decided this was the time to sew it up! I opted for the long sleeved option as we were rolling into Arizona winter at the point when I made it. Since this was my first go at the pattern, I opted for the short bands, so as not to waste fabric. 🙂


I’m wearing a Pumpkin Spice Dolman underneath this one, written here.

The pattern sewed together without any hiccups. The directions were easy to follow, which made it fairly quick for my first cardigan I had ever made. I opted for the inseam pockets, since I didn’t want to break up the pattern. I did end up tacking the pocket to the band. Whenever I put my phone into it, the pocket hung way low. The tack on the band helps the cardigan keep it’s shape.


I then decided to make my mom a cardigan for Christmas. She had a vacation planned to the beach, and picked a lighter weight waffle knit from Pretty Posh Prints (another 10% discount on your first purchase!). I made the same version for her, but shortened it a bit for our height differences. 🙂

No modeled photos for this one as she lives a few states away! This fabric is so beautiful and I’m so glad I have another couple of yards to make myself something. It was my first time working with waffle knit so a slight learning curve (especially while cutting) but definitely worth it by the end product!

I definitely recommend topstitching the band no matter what fabric you use. This simple step helps the bands lay flat and helps with any rippling that may have occurred.


This is a great cardigan, and I will be making more next year. Arizona is already starting to warm up, so no need for more cardigans this season! Stay tuned for some workout gear in the next few posts. I’ll be posting about my Greenstyle Fit Capsule! 🙂

Pattern: Cocoon Cardigan

Fabrics: Pretty Posh Prints & Surge Fabric

As always, let me know if you have any questions or comments! Thanks for stopping by!


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