EM Good Vibes Joggers

Ellie & Mac is having another great Wacky Wednesday sale! This week, the Women’s Good Vibes Joggers are on sale! I have been eyeing this pattern for some time, and jumped at the opportunity to sew it up!


There are so many jogger patterns floating around, and I had only sewn up one other jogger pattern before, so was excited to branch out. The zipper pockets on this pattern really intrigued me, and only slightly frightened me. 🙂 But, I like a good challenge!


I knew I wanted a grey pair of joggers that I could wear in the house or out running errands. I knew exactly which fabric I wanted to order! The Fabric Fairy has amazing Bamboo/Cotton/Lycra French Terry. The fabric is four way stretch, super soft, and doesn’t pill like other French Terry does! It is more of a sweatshirt fabric, which I really love.


I stopped by a new to me store here in Arizona, Sew Hip. The shop is fairly small, but they do have some fabrics, patterns, and notions on hand. The fabrics are a higher quality than found elsewhere, but I mostly saw woven fabrics. While I was there, there were a couple of girls that looked like they were about ten, taking a sewing class! They seem to have loads of classes, and maybe one of these days I’ll be able to take one! I’ve never taken a sewing class (except from my mom, thanks, mom!), so it could be fun. 🙂

Anyway… I picked up a couple of 9″ zippers while there. I had planned on black zippers, but they didn’t have two black that weren’t super long. I opted for this teal color, and love the pop of color it brings to these joggers! The pattern only calls for 5″ zippers, but 9″ were the shortest the shop had.


I had never installed a pocket like this on a pair of clothing before. I have another hoodie pattern that has similar pockets, but have been putting the pattern off. I may finally dive in next time I feel like sewing up a hoodie! Although, that will probably be next winter because I think our chilly days are winding down here in Arizona.


The instructions were incredibly clear for the pocket installation. Sometimes I have to read through portions of instructions multiple times to understand everything, but this one was straight forward and did not leave anything to the imagination. I had fusible interfacing and washaway wonder tape which helped with the construction. I highly suggest having both on hand at all times!


I knew the French Terry would be a bit thick for the pockets, so I used some scraps from a lightweight top I had sewn up last year (I cannot remember which pattern the top was…). I’m trying hard to go through my scraps, and pockets are the easiest way to do so!


The rest of the pattern went together easily. I sewed up a straight medium, as I was on the very bottom of that size. Construction is like most pants with cuffs. I opted for the full length option. I added about an inch throughout the pattern and cut on the long length. I ended up cutting off two inches prior to adding on the cuffs so they hit at a comfortable length.


The pattern has a yoga waistband option or an elastic option. There are also instructions for adding a drawstring. I decided to omit the drawstring on this pair (weird for me!) because I didn’t quite have enough coordinating fabric that matched the zippers, which was my original plan with the black zippers. Pictured below are paired with a Tami hoodie, where you can read here.


I went with the elastic option. I like the look of the elastic in this waistband. The fabric of the elastic casing is cut pretty much at 100% of the top of the pants opening, so you end up with the gathered look like you see in a lot of RTW pants. I added about 3″ to my elastic. As mentioned in past posts, I cannot stand tight elastic anywhere in my clothing, and this is one of my favorite parts about sewing my own clothing!


Overall, this is a great jogger pattern. The zipper pockets are a great touch that make this pattern stand out from the rest. I highly recommend this pattern to anyone looking for another jogger pattern! The pattern also has short and capri lengths built in!

As always, let me know if you have any questions or comments! Thanks for stopping by!


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