Greenstyle Creations -Super G Tights

Hello! Another post on another Greenstyle make. 🙂 This time, I’m venturing into leggings!


Greenstyle has four leggings options, three that are highly recommended for working out. I’ve been reaching for the most recent pattern, the Super G Tights. They have a compression fit with a long center gusset. There also is an option for a side stripe with a really great pocket!


My favorite feature of these is the large pocket on the side. My phone (with a case) easily fits into the pocket. I’ve definitely been learning from my toddler and now want pockets in everything!


My first pair I made was this green pair in Supplex from Boho Fabrics. They are a tad snug, but overall fit well. When I put them on, I was so surprised I had made a pair of workout leggings that looks like the $80 pairs floating around! Most of these are paired with the Power Sports Bra which I wrote about here.


Because of the tightness, I opted for a slightly smaller (3/8″ to 1/4″) seam allowance on the next pair. This fabric is a fleece backed fabric from Joann. It will definitely be too warm for the summer months, but for this time of year they are great. I used a contrasting grey supplex from Phee Fabrics for the back of the pocket and the waistband. I knew the main fabric didn’t have enough compression for a waistband, and am glad I chose this option.


The last pair I have are plain black. The black supplex is from Phee Fabrics. I love this pair and have another plain black planned… they are perfect for dressing up or working out!

Each pair I have made has been the high waist option. My next pair I am planning on adding a 1/2″ to the overall rise to get them a hair higher. Because of my height, I think that little added space will be a great fit for me.


I love having comfortable sports bras that match all my leggings! Plus, sewing matching bras is a great way to use up the left over fabric from sewing up these Super G Tights!

The photo below I have paired them with a hoodless Tami (written about here).


Now that I’ve been consistently working out nearly every day, these leggings are getting more now than ever! It’s really handy when I can wear the black pair dressed up to work and class, and then come home, switch tops, and get started in on a workout!

Cutting almost takes longer than sewing, but I can have these made in less than two hours! Now that I’ve made three pair, it is quicker than that. I highly recommend the Super G Tights!


As always, let me know if you have any questions or comments! Thanks for stopping by!


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