Greenstyle Creations – Power Sports Bra

Guess what? Another great pattern from Greenstyle Creations is making the rounds, the Power Sports Bra! Sarah from Sewing with Sarah led another Sew Along with this pattern, this time over in The Fabric Fairy Facebook group.

Sew Alongs are great because you are making a pattern along with many others at the same time, usually over 4-5 days. Everyone encourages each other and is there to help with questions or fabric layout. This time, Sarah made some excellent videos showing her tips and tricks for almost every option of the pattern. The tip that was new to me that I really appreciated was her technique for making straps!

During the Sew Along, I made FIVE different Power Sports Bras. I have another cut, but I’ve been struggling for time this week. The first, I made a solid black in the strappy back. This option I used silicone backed elastic from The Fabric Fairy for the straps instead of making my own. This option definitely speeds things along, and they are pretty comfortable as well!

The fit isn’t absolutely perfect (I made a slight modification while cutting and shouldn’t have), but I wore it working out and it held together just fine! Although, it’s not like I need much support in the first place. πŸ™‚

I love the back on this one. The strap placement is so creative and adds a visual element to the back. I will definitely be making more of this version in the future. All of these Power Sports Bras are paired with Greenstyle‘s Super G TightsΒ (blog post here)! The black is supplex from Phee Fabrics that I bought last fall.

The second one I made was to match a pair of Super G‘s I made a couple of months ago. I decided to do the strappy U back for this version. I definitely like this version as well! This fabric is from Joann Fabrics. The grey supplex for the straps is from Phee Fabrics.

This time I opted to make my own straps. I did mess up and forgot to trim the seam allowance so they are a bit bulky. I topstitched the straps and that helps, but I will not be skipping this step in the future.

On this one, I opted to use some 2″ pink elastic from The Fabric Fairy instead of a fabric band with enclosed elastic. I was glad Sarah had a video for this modification, because I was hesitant on how to sew and attach this elastic (it’s incredibly easy). Definitely a speedy option!

I like the look of the strappy U back version, but unfortunately it hits my shoulder blades in a weird spot. I also hate when bras are too tight around my rib cage, so I decided to try a couple of modifications.

The third bra I made, I hacked the front piece to be a solid piece. This works with a small chest, but larger cup sizes definitely need the three front pieces! Someone else in the Facebook group had posted a photo of this, and I copied and hacked it, also. πŸ™‚

When making the new pattern piece, I overlapped the bottom of the front center and front side pieces by about 3/8″ and lined up the top as best as I could. That was it! It overlapped about 1/2″ in the middle of the piece, but I don’t need the space, so it works. I’d suggest trying a cup size larger if you’re snug with the three pieces. I was using the B cups when I did this.

This fabric is a beautiful supplex from Boho FabricsΒ (referral code for a discount!). I used the supplex for every piece of this bra and it is comfortable and works really well. The edges look really nice using the same fabric for both the lining and outer pieces.

The other modification I did was to change the strappy U back into one piece coming up from the back piece in the middle. I used both the u back and strappy back pieces to eyeball the curve and width and it worked great!

I knew I wouldn’t have space in the back for four straps to come together, so I opted for one strap on each side. Let me remind you I don’t need a ton of support. Plus, the bra and straps are made from supplex which is a very supportive fabric.

This is definitely my favorite option! I quickly made another in the black supplex from Phee Fabrics, and the final one I have cut is this style as well. The back sits between my shoulder blades for added comfort!

The final modification on this style was to omit the elastic in the band. With a sturdy fabric like supplex, I can get away with no elastic around my rib cage… more added comfort!

The last one I made is heavily modified. I’m not even going to go into details in this post unless you all want to know! It definitely took some tweaking… but was fun figuring out. This is also the reason that last bra isn’t sewn up yet. πŸ˜‚

I would highly recommend the GS Power Sports Bra to anyone looking for a sports bra with support and comfort. I did not make all the options listed in the pattern. There is a racer back option and an option for a phone pocket on the back! Stayed tuned later this week for the post on the Super G Tights!

Oh, and I forgot to mention! All Sew A Longs usually have a prize at the end for one of the participants… I was one of the winners! I won a free Greenstyle pattern, and quickly got the new Studio to Street dolman. Dolman’s are my favorite, so as soon as I have time to sew one up I’ll write all about it!

As always, let me know if you have any questions or comments! Thanks for stopping by!


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