Testing the Around the Block Hoodie

Somehow in the middle of the busy semester I had a chance to test the Women’s Around the Block Hoodie by Ellie and Mac. The hoodie was fun to test and a great scrap buster!



I dug deep into my stash to find some fabric that hadn’t gotten any love yet. I found some double brushed polyester from So Sew English from over a year ago-I think all three were part of my very first (or one of the very first) online fabric orders I had placed! My partner and I earlier today were trying to think how long I have been sewing clothing. It’s been a little over a year and a half, but feels like much longer! I still learn new techniques with every new pattern I sew, and this one was no different!

Back to the fabric… this double brushed poly is a lighter weight, but still warm for Arizona’s chilly fall mornings. I chose two solids: black and a light… sage maybe? I’m horrible at naming correct color names. The patterned fabric I had been waiting for the perfect project, and I think this was it!


Cutting for this pattern took quite a bit of time since there are so many pieces! The arms are different, so there are six pieces to cut for just the arms! But, the finished pattern makes it all worth it. The pattern came together nicely, and I only had one major hiccup where one of the bodice pieces I had sewn upside down… but that was an easy seam rip and fix.

I also decided to add in a real drawstring instead of the faux drawstring. It was a pretty simple switch, I just had to make sure the top stitching had enough room for the drawstring. The uneven grommet placement and detail on this pattern is such a great addition! Definitely another first for me. 🙂


The pattern also has inseam pockets. I have never had a top with inseam pockets, so this was new to me. Using a lightweight fabric is key, to not add bulk. The overall fit for this one is looser than some of the other testers, which makes sense for the fabric I chose. DBP is much stretchier than what is required, and knits with less stretch will yield a much more structured fit.


This was the first hoodie I had ever made myself. Before this past summer, all sewing was pretty much dedicated to the Little. I finally have been sewing more and more for myself… and now my husband!

Ellie and Mac JUST released the kids version of this pattern this week! You can find the kids version here or the bundle here!


As always, let me know if you have any questions or comments! Thanks for stopping by!


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