Review of the Ringer Tee

One way to get to know a pattern company is by trying their free patterns! Most PDF pattern groups have at least one free pattern that you can get in one way or another. Brindille & Twig has three! I needed a good basic tee for the little, and thought going the freebie route would be safest. This brings me to the Ringer Tee by Brindille & Twig.

Brindille & Twig is one of my favorite pattern companies for babies and young kids. The downside to their patterns is most of them only go up to size 6, while many other companies go up to size 12. This definitely does not stop them from being the favorite of so many! Especially if you find them when your kiddos are still babes, like I did.

Back to the Ringer Tee. This tee is drafted to have bands on the sleeves and waist, but I just realized all the tees I have made I have hemmed instead! I usually don’t need to add any to the length, since I’m currently sizing up to a 2/3T, which is nice since I sometimes forget to add length when cutting out patterns. There also is long sleeve or short sleeve options!

This was the first ringer tee I sewed up. It was a shirt my mother-in-law had bought for my partner, but it wasn’t the right size. It was perfect for an upcycle! The best part of using existing shirts to make new ones, is being able to reuse hems and other parts of the shirt, which makes the sewing process a bit quicker. This one, I cut the sleeves on the existing sleeve lines, so I didn’t have to worry about hemming them! Unfortunately, I couldn’t get the graphic quite right on this one. The way the pattern was cutting out cut off poor Herbie’s hat a bit. GBR!


I then tested out a long sleeved version in some Flying Pig Fabrics grey and white stripes. They don’t currently have any in stock, but they do have a few other colors still left on their site! I do know Sabra said they will be running the grey and white stripes again soon in a few rounds… I might need to order more!

ringer, joggers, pocket shorts

Pictured with the Ringer Tee is Brindille & Twig‘s Pocket Shorts that I wrote about here, and Max & Meena‘s Max Joggers. All fabrics are from Flying Pig Fabrics.

Next up was a shirt I made Little for the first day of preschool. Again, the fabric and panels are from Flying Pig Fabrics. I’ve said it before, they are my go to for Cotton/Lycra!

ringer foxringer fox back

The Geos that Sabra at Flying Pig makes are absolutely amazing. She includes such incredible details and shadowing! This one was made from a romper panel. I color blocked the back as I was short just an inch on this 2/3T size. I like the added detail on the back and it really ties in the orange sleeves and neckband.

The last couple of Ringer Tees that I made were toned down to add some nice basics to the closet. I used up the last of my grey and white stripes. I also cut into some of my Flying Pig solids: a nice charcoal blue and bright white for a little contrast on the pocket.


ringer grey stripes

Although the pattern doesn’t include a pocket, I did a basic rectangle cut at 2.5″x3″. I folded the edges over and sewed it onto the front, looking at a shirt bought at Target as a guide. The pocket adds a nice detail to this basic tee and are a great way to use up small scraps. I matched the stripes on the striped shirt, so the pocket is just barely visible!

I need to remember on the next one to cut the neckband about a 1/4″ thinner. The band is a bit thick for my liking, and sometimes does a weird curl. I’ve tried ironing/steaming and topstitching, but I think it is just the cut. Such an easy fix! Overall, this shirt is incredibly quick start to finish. The best type for simple basics! Plus, who doesn’t love a great FREE pattern??

As always, let me know if you have any questions or comments! Thanks for stopping by!


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