Mega Max Raglan – Without the Add Ons

Currently, I have two go-to patterns for shirts for the little: The Ringer Tee by Brindille & Twig and the Mega Max Raglan by Max & Meena. Today, I’m going to tell you all about the Mega Max!

This pattern is really great with all the options it comes with: Sleeve lengths, regular hood, pixie hood, or no hood, plus more than 40 “creatures” that you can add onto the pattern! I have yet to explore beyond the basic, but I’m thinking this year for Halloween I’ll pull this pattern out and make something fun!

I personally had been staying away from shirts because of how much hemming there is. I preferred buying simple tops at Target! But, then I started playing with my twin needle on my sewing machine. I had it figured out for awhile, but could never get it juuust right. THEN, I got my coverstitch machine! Total game changer. Now I welcome shirts! I can hem the sleeves, waist, and topstitch the neck of a single shirt in just a few minutes.

Back to this shirt. 🙂


I had been holding onto this panel for about six months and finally got the courage to sew it up. I had recently gotten this amazing black cotton/Lycra in and decided to jump in. Not surprisingly, all these fabrics are from Flying Pig Fabrics. I’ve said it before, but they are my first pick for cotton/Lycra!

Sewing this shirt up for the first time was so quick. Raglans are constructed quite a bit differently from “regular” shirts, but still a similar concept. I love the look of contrasting sleeves in raglans, so it’s the first thing I think of when sewing up panels!

Unfortunately, I sewed a 12-18m by accident. Little only got to wear it a few times before it got a little snug (ok, it was snug to begin with, but I couldn’t waste that amazing panel!). I was so dissapointed in myself! So, I pulled out another panel that I liked and got to work:


Guess where this fabric is from?? 🙂 Yep, Flying Pig again! This one was a romper panel. I got the front AND back of this 2/3T out of the panel. I just needed a tad bit extra for the sleeves and neckband, so I went with the black to tie into the Dinos on the front. I sized up so Little would get plenty of wear out of this one!

Next up, were some raglans out of swim fabric. We wanted a couple of rash guards for the summer, and I had leftover fabric from some suits that I had made myself (here). The fabric is from The Fabric Fairy, and although swim is a little slippery to work with, these raglans still sewed up beautifully. They worked great all summer long! Plus, I may or may not have matched Little once or twice this summer. 🙂


The latest Mega Max I made for little was with an amazing panel from Bug-A-Boo. The solids are again from Flying Pig. 🙂 The shorts are the Pocket Shorts that I wrote about here.


I find the fit to be pretty good, but not perfect on my little, who keeps growing up, but still has his little belly. The fit is a little slim, and now that I have been sewing more, the neckline is pretty high, so the neckband is sometimes a struggle to get over the head. I have another raglan that I’ve been recommended, so I’ll try that one out and let you all know how they compare!

I have two more Mega Max’s cut out in more basic colors to tone down Little’s closet. I got on such a bright fabric kick, and it’s nice to have some solid staples that aren’t so loud!

As always, let me know if you have any questions or comments! Thanks for stopping by!


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