My First “Pinspiration”

We all know how great Pinterest is for finding great ideas! I’ve checked Pinterest to find ideas for ways to store my cookbooks, how to set up my sewing space, outdoor garden boxes, and a DIY kitchen for the Little. Recently, I’ve been checking Pinterest for sewing ideas! You can follow me here.

I found this photo:

Screen Shot 2018-08-31 at 10.48.11 AM.png

And immediately wanted to recreate it. I knew I wanted to add length and the stripe color could vary, so I went hunting for the perfect fabric and pattern.

Well, I found some fabric that I really liked at Boho Fabrics. The fabric is a heavier rayon spandex, and I knew it would work great for this dress and I most likely would not need a second layer of fabric! I was glad to find this fabric there, as I was ordering some other fabric from them. We all know how it goes with maximizing on shipping and filling those boxes!

Next, I was on the hunt for the perfect pattern. I originally was going to use Greenstyle’s Pacific Pullover, but after looking closer at the pattern, I decided it wasn’t the perfect fit. I still purchased the pattern and have plans for it in the future!

Then, a new pattern came out, and the first moment I saw it, I knew it was the one! The DIBY Club came out with the Althea Racerback Tank Top  and I knew it would be the perfect fit. I planned on using the dress portion of the Favorite Tee by Patterns for Pirates, as I had used it in a hack of another pattern previously.

Once my fabric came in I was ready to get started. I added about an inch to the bodice of the tank, and perhaps a touch too much length to the dress. I think my next Althea/Favorite Dress mash will be a couple of inches shorter. Although, I do like this length when chasing my toddler around!


The directions for the Althea tank were very thorough and easy to follow. I chose the hooded, full-back option to mimic my Pinspiration photo. I also ended up taking some in on the sides after I had sewn it up. I often do this with patterns and cannot figure out why. I measure correctly and follow pattern guidelines, but it mush just be my body’s shape.


I did make one mistake, and missed top-stitching the back seam before sewing the dress together. That was a pain to get through my coverstitch, but I made it! I also didn’t have quite the right color thread, but I didn’t care, I was too excited!



I chose a basic rope to use as the drawstring that I picked up at Hobby Lobby when visiting my parents this summer. I think it works well, keeping a casual feel with the dress!


As you can tell, my modeled photos are still as awkward as ever. 🙂 But, you get the point!


What do you think? Is this a mash you’ll choose to do? Again, the Althea is found here.

As always, let me know if you have any questions or comments! Thanks for stopping by!


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