Potty learning & Mama made trainers

I have been washing diapers for close to 2.5 years now, and I am so ready to be finished! Unfortunately, the Little is not quite ready to be diaper free for good. To help the transition, I decided to sew up some trainers or “undies” as we refer to them, to wear around the house or during short trips where a bathroom is easily accessible. I landed on Stitch Upon A Time‘s Kids Scrundlewear Pattern, and am so glad I did.

The pattern includes 9 sizes from 12 months to 12 years. I always look for kids patterns with a wide range of sizes so that I can use them for years to come. The pattern is loaded with options featuring both boys and girls fits AND a trainer option for EVERY size. Pretty great if you ask me! I have the women’s Scrundlewear pattern, and have made myself a few pair, so adding this to my patterns was a no brainer.

When making the trainers and using some non-stretch fabrics, it is recommended to size up. Little was on the top of the 2y size, so I went with a 4y and am glad I did. The first pair I made, I went exactly as the pattern called for.

I used some Cotton/Lycra that has been sitting in my fabric stash for over a year and I knew I wouldn’t miss in case it didn’t turn out perfectly. I bought some PUL to use as a water resistant layer (often used in cloth diapers or mama pads) at Joann Fabrics. The inner layers I used some flannel or cotton interlock fabric that I had in my fabric stash. I think I used 3-4 layers of this material for the absorbent trainer portion of the undies.


For the first pair, I followed the instructions. This method, you end up with the seam where the absorbent layers end up on the bum. I didn’t think that was probably the most comfortable, so knew I wanted to switch it up for the rest. I checked the fit on the first test pair, and everything else looked great, so I didn’t need any other modifications! In the photo below, the green pair is the original, with the absorbency sewed in as the pattern calls for (inside view).


For the next pairs, I made a slight modification. I combined the front and back pieces of the pattern into one, omitting the seam allowance, so I had one long piece. I then used that pattern piece for the inner liner. This way, I would hide the seam where the absorbent layers are, making the undies a little more comfortable. I also used this single piece for the outer layer when using non-directional fabric! The photo below shows the difference between the combined pieces, and what the pattern calls for.



The second batch, I cut about 8 pairs at once. Cutting and sewing in batches really makes everything go much faster for me, so I definitely recommend that once you have your fit!   I also had just gotten in a container of 100 sewing clips. Definitely a life saver for this project, sewing in batches!


For most of these, I used up old fabrics from my stash. Many were made with some cotton interlock from Joann that I had in my stash. These were fabrics I bought when I first started sewing, not realizing they are actually not great for nice looking clothing and have little to no recovery. They worked fine for the trainers, and I tried to use my good cotton lycra for the bands, to make sure the bands had good recovery.


The first pair I made, I used my coverstitch machine to sew the absorbent layers into the trainers (no picture). This worked great, but with all the layers, my machine was a little finicky. For the rest, I used a plain zigzag stitch on my sewing machine. This was definitely the quickest! I opted for black thread in all of these to make the sewing process quicker. Plus, most of my chosen fabrics had some black in it, so it matched perfectly. You can kind of see the green pair below, and the look of the overstitch machine compared to the zigzag.

When sewing these layers in, I left out the solid inner piece at first. This way, I could make sure I hit all absorbent layers, and again, reduced a seam against the bum. I usually sewed right side up around the crotch and front piece. That way, I made sure the front piece was sewn to the edge of the absorbent layers.




I like to sew around the circle part with the absorbent layers facing up. With a zigzag stitch this is possible, since both sides look the same!




After the absorbent layers were sewn in, I placed the inner layer into the trainers.




I then flipped the trainers over, so the outside was showing. I then pinned the sides, right sides together, and made sure to catch the inner layer.



When finished, the inner layer was connected to the front (and absorbent layers) just by the sides. This worked well for me! It occurred to me after I had about two pair left (and was already past this stage), that I could have zig zagged just around the round part of the absorbent layers, then placed the inner layer in, and zig zagged around the crotch and front pieces, so the inner layer was not as loose when sewing the bands!



After the sides were sewn, I just needed to serge the bands on and I was finished! The hardest part when attaching the leg bands, was the corner of the crotch and the bum. After needed to resew that corner on a couple pairs, I figured out I just needed to make sure I was pushing the fabric into my serger so it all caught in the seam. After that, I didn’t have any troubles. The second photo shows the corner that gave me some trouble.



Overall, I made 19 pair (I think, some are always in the wash or on the bum so I haven’t gotten a photo of all of them together, yet). We have been incredibly successful with potty learning at home, and even lasted through a Target run! I know we aren’t fully ready, as we still do more asking than him, but it’s been great so far. The absorbency level I used is enough to catch small pees in time to get to the toiler, but enough to let pee run down the leg so he realizes what’s happening. That’s the point of trainers, right?


I highly recommend this pattern for anyone looking for a trainer pattern! You can add as much or as little absorbency as you want. I also can use this pattern in the future, although I’ll probably switch to the same pattern company’s Kids Boxerwear pattern. I sewed up some of those for a friend last summer and they are so adorable!


As always, let me know if you have any questions or comments! Thanks for stopping by!


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Looking back at 2018 and forward to 2019

2018 was a pretty great year for sewing for me. I hit the one year mark of picking up my sewing machine again, and I am so glad I did! I also hit the one year mark of owning a serger and sewing clothing.

I never dreamed of sewing clothing for myself and thought that was way out of my league. This year, I completely changed my mind on that. My running tally for myself in 2018 is two pairs of joggers, two athletic leggings, two skirts, three dresses, six (at least) tank tops, three tunics, five shirts, two pairs of shorts, one cardigan, four hoodies, and a couple of swimsuits. I’m sure I’m missing some, and there are a couple of these items that I donated because of poor fit, but that’s a pretty great list!

The item that surprised me the most was the swimsuits that I discussed here. If I was not chosen to test the pattern, I have no doubt in my mind that I would have not sewn a swimsuit this year. So thank you, Greenstyle Creations, for the opportunity!


I have a couple of favorite items. Currently, I’m loving my Brassie Joggers and Tami Hoodie (blog post coming soon). That may be because I’m currently in Flagstaff and it’s much colder than the Southern Arizona weather I am used to! If I was writing this is August, I may have had a different answer. 🙂



I continued sewing for the Little. His wardrobe is now probably around 90% mama made. I don’t think we bought him a single clothing item in 2018! I’m not going to even try to count all the items I made him, but it ranges from trainers to hoodies to rash guards to hats!

Two of the items for him that I made this year that were a little out of my comfort level were the Zip It Jacket (blogged here) and his Scrundlewear Trainers (blog post coming)! I am glad I made both, and definitely learned along the way. I am no longer afraid/nervous of sewing zippers in clothing!

My favorite item I made for him was probably his dinosaur hoodie (blogged here). It took a long time with all the spikes (cutting, ironing the interfacing, sewing, turning, ironing, then finally adding them to the hoodie), but he loves it!


This year I also tackled sewing items for my partner! I had made him a pair of boxer briefs and joggers last year, but was too intimidated to make him anything else. It took until November to sew him anything, but I’ve now made him three shirts, a hoodie, and joggers! I think I have the confidence to tackle most things he asks (sewn with knit fabric, of course). I loved making him the Hudson Pullover Hoodie. It also helps that he wears it quite often!

I would not have been successful with so many of these items without buying a cover stitch machine this summer. I fought with my twin needle on my sewing machine for a long time and hated hemming! Thankfully now with a cover stitch machine, hemming and top stitching are a breeze! I also don’t shy away from patterns that use methods best done on different machines. The Little’s Zip It Jacket used all three machines. 🙂

Looking forward to 2019, I am trying to set some goals for myself. I am hoping to not buy any clothing for myself (except maybe jeans). I want to replace worn out or poorly fitting items with me made items that fit well. I also want to tackle more items for my husband! Seeing him wear items I make is one of the best compliments I could ever ask for!

As always, let me know if you have any questions or comments! Thanks for stopping by!


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Holiday Gifts 2018

This year, my goal was to sew as many holiday gifts as I could. I’m pretty proud of what I accomplished! I would have liked to do a few more, and forgot a couple, but I’m perfectly OK with that!

First up, I made a couple of scarves for a white elephant exchange. They were very last minute, but were a decently quick sew, once I got the right sized needle in my sewing machine.


The pattern is the free Pocket Scarf pattern from Patterns for Pirates. The tutorial is on their blog found here. There are no pattern pieces, so no printing required!


The top scarf was chosen first, and quickly stolen. But, the person who opened the first scarf found/chose the second one… I’d say that’s a win in my book! Plus, tequila in the pocket probably helped!

The next item was a slouchy beanie. This was for the same party, but for the kids.


This is also a free pattern! This one is from Sew Bratty, called the Shmelly For Slouch Beanie Hat found here. I really like this pattern because you can make it reversible and there is no band, which I prefer. The pattern runs from baby to adult, which is great!

The next items I worked on were a few neck scarves. These were for my aunt, uncle, and dad. My aunt has been a huge supporter of my sewing, and I wanted to finally make her something thanking her!


Guess what?? This was another free pattern! This one is by Made for Mermaids found here. Again, this tutorial gives you dimensions so no printing is necessary! The pattern has kids to adult sizes, with a couple of different styles to choose from. These are too warm to wear where we live, but for those in Nebraska and Kansas I think they will be great!

Onto the next…

Not pictured, are some Brassie Joggers by Greenstyle Creations that I made my brother. I sized up two (due to limited stretch in the fabric) and added an inch to the rise, and he says they fit!

I also made my brother’s girlfriend an Xpress Tank by Greenstyle Creations. I love this pattern and what a quick sew it is. I chose the tie back option for this one! I used tricot from Phee Fabrics… my first time sewing with tricot!


For my mom, I made a Cocoon Cardigan by Patterns for Pirates. I had made one for myself earlier, so it was my second time sewing this pattern up.


This was my first time using waffle knit. I’m not going to lie, it wasn’t my favorite fabric to work with. I had a hard time lining up the fabric straight when cutting, but the cardigan turned out great!

I also made some produce bags for multiple people. I looked at many different blog posts and kind of made up my own. I forgot the dimensions I used (and of course gifted them all), unfortunately. I tried a tulle and a mesh, and am waiting to hear reports back about which fabric is preferred!


Next up was a hoodie for my nephew. I mashed Brindille & Twig’s Ringer Tee (blogged here) with Max & Meena’s Mega Max Raglan (blogged here) to get what I wanted. Fabrics are from Flying Pig Fabrics. His is the solid blue one, to coordinate with my Little’s hoodie!


The last gift I made this year was  Warrior Pants by Greenstyle Creations for my sister in law. I absolutely LOVED sewing this pattern! The pocket construction is phenomenal.


I lowered the leg slit a bit on these. I basically folded the legs in half and made the opening start halfway down. I think it works well!

The last holiday sewing I did was some matching pajamas for my partner, Little, and I. Of course I didn’t finish until it was dark and we didn’t really get any photos together, so excuse the dark photo! I used Greenstyle Creation’s Brassie Joggers for our pants, GS’ Hudson Pullover for hubs’ shirt, and GS’ Centerfield Raglan for mine. For the little, I used Brindille & Twig’s Pocket Pants (modified) and Ringer Tee.


Overall, I was so glad to have the time to sew so many gifts this year! Hopefully I will get positive feedback and be able to continue in the future. 🙂

As always, let me know if you have any questions or comments! Thanks for stopping by!


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Skunks and Dinosaurs, oh my!

Thanks to winter break, I finally have time to update you all on my sews from the last few months! You all have no idea how great it will be to have nearly a month off from classes! I currently have a pile with ten projects cut out and that doesn’t include about 5 holiday gifts I still want to sew up… 🙂 Oops, I started this post a couple of weeks ago. 8 of those 10 items were sewn up, along with at least ten more. It’s been busy around here!


October was a fun month to sew for me. My nephew had a birthday, my partner and I had a Jurassic Park themed party, AND Halloween! Most of my sews that month were a little less every day wear and more costume sews!

First, I started sewing a birthday gift for my nephew. I had my sister in law ask him what his favorite animal was, bracing for a challenge. I was a bit relieved to hear the soon to be four year old was into skunks! I wanted to make something that could be worn everyday, so I decided to make him a Mega Max Raglan from Max and Meena. I blogged about the pattern here, minus the add on pack (which is definitely worth it!). I modified the pattern so I could have a strip of white fabric running down the back. I used the raccoon version from the pattern, and modified the tail to also have the white stripe. The last modification I did, was using snaps to make the tail detachable. All the Cotton/Lycra solids were from Flying Pig Fabrics! They have the blackest black I have ever seen, and it holds up very well after multiple washes. 🙂


Don’t mind the water drops in the first photo. It was raining and I didn’t realize the photo had the drops on it until after the hoodie was on it’s way to my nephew!


Next, I made the Little a dinosaur hoodie for Halloween. I used the same pattern for the skunk, but this time used the dinosaur version. I again made the tail separate, but instead of snaps, I made a waistband that he can slip in and out of. Of course, the solid Cotton/Lycra was from Flying Pig Fabrics. I’m not sure if my photos do it justice, but that acid green is AMAZING!


I made matching pants for Halloween. I used Max and Meena’s Max Joggers Pattern for a quick sew. I left off the bum circle as usual.



The last little project was an extension of the Little’s Dino hoodie. My partner and I were invited to a Jurassic Park themed party, and needed something to wear. I decided to make some quick hats and tails for us to wear! For one set, I used the same colors as Little’s hoodie so that I could use his tail. The other, I grabbed some other Flying Pig Fabric solids that I had on hand! I used the free slouchy beanie pattern from Patterns for Pirates, and added the spikes to the seam running down the middle. It worked well, but I think a beanie pattern without the band would have worked better!


Overall, October was a fun month for sewing. I got out of my comfort zone and tried some new hacks!

As always, let me know if you have any questions or comments! Thanks for stopping by!


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Ellie & Mac Zip It Jacket

This weekend I had the opportunity to sew up Ellie & Mac’s Kid’s version of the Zip It Jacket! The little could use another jacket, and one with a hood is even better! This pattern was perfect.

The pattern can be found here and is part of their Wacky Wednesday sale and is only $1 today! Grab it while you can!


This was my first time sewing a clothing item with lining AND a zipper! The instructions in this pattern are very clear, and I had no problems following along. I would definitely recommend this pattern to start with if you are looking for projects to tackle either skill for the first time!

The outer fabric is from Blended Thread Fabrics. The fabric is a great quality Cotton/Lycra blend, and was from a preorder a few rounds ago. Definitely one of my favorite fabrics that I’ve been trying to squeeze out as many projects as possible!

The inner fabric is from Boho Fabrics. The fabric is a soft Bamboo/Cotton blend French Terry found here. I had originally bought it for some hoodies, but I have found that I like it better as a liner fabric than a main fabric. I used it on some Christmas gifts as the liner in some neck warmers as well!

The zipper is from Joann. I think I bought the 18″ and had to trim it down a couple of inches.


Overall, I enjoyed working on this project! I won’t say it was quick, as this was my first time with two new techniques AND I was jumping between three machines and my iron… but I will be making more! The best part? The Zip it Jacket pattern is offered in women’s and men’s sizing, too!

As always, let me know if you have any questions or comments! Thanks for stopping by!


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Testing the Around the Block Hoodie

Somehow in the middle of the busy semester I had a chance to test the Women’s Around the Block Hoodie by Ellie and Mac. The hoodie was fun to test and a great scrap buster!



I dug deep into my stash to find some fabric that hadn’t gotten any love yet. I found some double brushed polyester from So Sew English from over a year ago-I think all three were part of my very first (or one of the very first) online fabric orders I had placed! My partner and I earlier today were trying to think how long I have been sewing clothing. It’s been a little over a year and a half, but feels like much longer! I still learn new techniques with every new pattern I sew, and this one was no different!

Back to the fabric… this double brushed poly is a lighter weight, but still warm for Arizona’s chilly fall mornings. I chose two solids: black and a light… sage maybe? I’m horrible at naming correct color names. The patterned fabric I had been waiting for the perfect project, and I think this was it!


Cutting for this pattern took quite a bit of time since there are so many pieces! The arms are different, so there are six pieces to cut for just the arms! But, the finished pattern makes it all worth it. The pattern came together nicely, and I only had one major hiccup where one of the bodice pieces I had sewn upside down… but that was an easy seam rip and fix.

I also decided to add in a real drawstring instead of the faux drawstring. It was a pretty simple switch, I just had to make sure the top stitching had enough room for the drawstring. The uneven grommet placement and detail on this pattern is such a great addition! Definitely another first for me. 🙂


The pattern also has inseam pockets. I have never had a top with inseam pockets, so this was new to me. Using a lightweight fabric is key, to not add bulk. The overall fit for this one is looser than some of the other testers, which makes sense for the fabric I chose. DBP is much stretchier than what is required, and knits with less stretch will yield a much more structured fit.


This was the first hoodie I had ever made myself. Before this past summer, all sewing was pretty much dedicated to the Little. I finally have been sewing more and more for myself… and now my husband!

Ellie and Mac JUST released the kids version of this pattern this week! You can find the kids version here or the bundle here!


As always, let me know if you have any questions or comments! Thanks for stopping by!


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Review of the Ringer Tee

One way to get to know a pattern company is by trying their free patterns! Most PDF pattern groups have at least one free pattern that you can get in one way or another. Brindille & Twig has three! I needed a good basic tee for the little, and thought going the freebie route would be safest. This brings me to the Ringer Tee by Brindille & Twig.

Brindille & Twig is one of my favorite pattern companies for babies and young kids. The downside to their patterns is most of them only go up to size 6, while many other companies go up to size 12. This definitely does not stop them from being the favorite of so many! Especially if you find them when your kiddos are still babes, like I did.

Back to the Ringer Tee. This tee is drafted to have bands on the sleeves and waist, but I just realized all the tees I have made I have hemmed instead! I usually don’t need to add any to the length, since I’m currently sizing up to a 2/3T, which is nice since I sometimes forget to add length when cutting out patterns. There also is long sleeve or short sleeve options!

This was the first ringer tee I sewed up. It was a shirt my mother-in-law had bought for my partner, but it wasn’t the right size. It was perfect for an upcycle! The best part of using existing shirts to make new ones, is being able to reuse hems and other parts of the shirt, which makes the sewing process a bit quicker. This one, I cut the sleeves on the existing sleeve lines, so I didn’t have to worry about hemming them! Unfortunately, I couldn’t get the graphic quite right on this one. The way the pattern was cutting out cut off poor Herbie’s hat a bit. GBR!


I then tested out a long sleeved version in some Flying Pig Fabrics grey and white stripes. They don’t currently have any in stock, but they do have a few other colors still left on their site! I do know Sabra said they will be running the grey and white stripes again soon in a few rounds… I might need to order more!

ringer, joggers, pocket shorts

Pictured with the Ringer Tee is Brindille & Twig‘s Pocket Shorts that I wrote about here, and Max & Meena‘s Max Joggers. All fabrics are from Flying Pig Fabrics.

Next up was a shirt I made Little for the first day of preschool. Again, the fabric and panels are from Flying Pig Fabrics. I’ve said it before, they are my go to for Cotton/Lycra!

ringer foxringer fox back

The Geos that Sabra at Flying Pig makes are absolutely amazing. She includes such incredible details and shadowing! This one was made from a romper panel. I color blocked the back as I was short just an inch on this 2/3T size. I like the added detail on the back and it really ties in the orange sleeves and neckband.

The last couple of Ringer Tees that I made were toned down to add some nice basics to the closet. I used up the last of my grey and white stripes. I also cut into some of my Flying Pig solids: a nice charcoal blue and bright white for a little contrast on the pocket.


ringer grey stripes

Although the pattern doesn’t include a pocket, I did a basic rectangle cut at 2.5″x3″. I folded the edges over and sewed it onto the front, looking at a shirt bought at Target as a guide. The pocket adds a nice detail to this basic tee and are a great way to use up small scraps. I matched the stripes on the striped shirt, so the pocket is just barely visible!

The first day the stripes was worn, Little came home from school with a nice big blotch of pinkish red. 🙂 Thankfully it will easily come out in a wash or two. The fit of the tee is pretty relaxed. This is a 2/3T, and we might be able to get next season out of this shirt as well. Although, short sleeves are worn here about ten months a year, so it will get a lot of use no matter what!

I need to remember on the next one to cut the neckband about a 1/4″ thinner. The band is a bit thick for my liking, and sometimes does a weird curl. I’ve tried ironing/steaming and topstitching, but I think it is just the cut. Such an easy fix! Overall, this shirt is incredibly quick start to finish. The best type for simple basics! Plus, who doesn’t love a great FREE pattern??

As always, let me know if you have any questions or comments! Thanks for stopping by!


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Mega Max Raglan – Without the Add Ons

Currently, I have two go-to patterns for shirts for the little: The Ringer Tee by Brindille & Twig and the Mega Max Raglan by Max & Meena. Today, I’m going to tell you all about the Mega Max!

This pattern is really great with all the options it comes with: Sleeve lengths, regular hood, pixie hood, or no hood, plus more than 40 “creatures” that you can add onto the pattern! I have yet to explore beyond the basic, but I’m thinking this year for Halloween I’ll pull this pattern out and make something fun!

I personally had been staying away from shirts because of how much hemming there is. I preferred buying simple tops at Target! But, then I started playing with my twin needle on my sewing machine. I had it figured out for awhile, but could never get it juuust right. THEN, I got my coverstitch machine! Total game changer. Now I welcome shirts! I can hem the sleeves, waist, and topstitch the neck of a single shirt in just a few minutes.

Back to this shirt. 🙂


I had been holding onto this panel for about six months and finally got the courage to sew it up. I had recently gotten this amazing black cotton/Lycra in and decided to jump in. Not surprisingly, all these fabrics are from Flying Pig Fabrics. I’ve said it before, but they are my first pick for cotton/Lycra!

Sewing this shirt up for the first time was so quick. Raglans are constructed quite a bit differently from “regular” shirts, but still a similar concept. I love the look of contrasting sleeves in raglans, so it’s the first thing I think of when sewing up panels!

Unfortunately, I sewed a 12-18m by accident. Little only got to wear it a few times before it got a little snug (ok, it was snug to begin with, but I couldn’t waste that amazing panel!). I was so dissapointed in myself! So, I pulled out another panel that I liked and got to work:


Guess where this fabric is from?? 🙂 Yep, Flying Pig again! This one was a romper panel. I got the front AND back of this 2/3T out of the panel. I just needed a tad bit extra for the sleeves and neckband, so I went with the black to tie into the Dinos on the front. I sized up so Little would get plenty of wear out of this one!

Next up, were some raglans out of swim fabric. We wanted a couple of rash guards for the summer, and I had leftover fabric from some suits that I had made myself (here). The fabric is from The Fabric Fairy, and although swim is a little slippery to work with, these raglans still sewed up beautifully. They worked great all summer long! Plus, I may or may not have matched Little once or twice this summer. 🙂


The latest Mega Max I made for little was with an amazing panel from Bug-A-Boo. The solids are again from Flying Pig. 🙂 The shorts are the Pocket Shorts that I wrote about here.


I find the fit to be pretty good, but not perfect on my little, who keeps growing up, but still has his little belly. The fit is a little slim, and now that I have been sewing more, the neckline is pretty high, so the neckband is sometimes a struggle to get over the head. I have another raglan that I’ve been recommended, so I’ll try that one out and let you all know how they compare!

I have two more Mega Max’s cut out in more basic colors to tone down Little’s closet. I got on such a bright fabric kick, and it’s nice to have some solid staples that aren’t so loud!

As always, let me know if you have any questions or comments! Thanks for stopping by!


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Sewing beginnings

My first memory of anything sewing related was when I was 6. My mom had her sewing machine and all her tools set up in our dining room and was sewing me a flower girl’s dress for my aunt’s wedding. I do not remember much about the process, but I remember I liked watching her create the dress and seeing the finished product. Photo of said dress:


Looks like the early 90’s, right??


Thanks, Judy, for the photos!

My next memory was a few years later. My mom and I (or maybe just my mom?) made a cover for the bench seat in my new bedroom. If I remember correctly, I got to help pick out the fabric and was more involved in the process!

The next was closer to high school. My mom and I invited my old neighbors over to make bags. I grew up next door to them and we were inseparable until I moved away in fourth grade (maybe a mile away, but that’s really far when you’re that age… plus we went to different schools!). We spent the day making simple bags/purses and it is one of my favorite times sewing. My mom found one of the bags I made and snapped a photo for me:


Once again, it was a few years later when I picked up sewing again. I was in undergrad, and my mom was visiting me for the weekend. I have no idea how the conversation started, but I told her I wanted to start sewing again. She surprised me and bought me my first sewing machine (thanks, mom!)! It was a simple Singer Esteem II, the one I still have today. Although it drives me crazy, I haven’t had the need to upgrade, yet.

I again decided to make some bags. Clothing seemed impossible at this point, still, so bags it was! Here are a few photos of the messenger bags I made:


Yes, that is an iPod. 🙂


I really loved making them, even though they took me HOURS to make. I’m sure if I went back today it would be a little quicker. But at the moment, I have no desire to make bags!

Once again, I didn’t pick up my sewing machine for about eight years. When my Little was born, I got back into it. And, I dove right into sewing knits and making clothes. It’s funny to think that wovens now intimidate me! The booties I wrote about here were the first items I made. Next, I made some shorts and a romper, and almost two years later I’m still sewing! I’m thinking this time it’ll stick. 🙂

A huge thank you to my mom for introducing me to sewing and encouraging me along the way! There’s no way I would be sewing today if it wasn’t for you! Also, a huge thanks to my partner. He has supported my hobby since I picked up sewing again last year. I now have two more machines and a closet full of fabrics and accessories to play with. 🙂

Let me know if you have any questions or comments!



Little’s Favorite Shorts

Living in Arizona means you wear shorts about ten months a year. So the search for a favorite pair of shorts was a must! We are still using cloth diapers (although the end is near, I can feel it!), so a little extra space is needed.

I went through a few different pairs until I found “the one”, but now that I have, I can’t stop! The pattern is Brindille & Twig’s Pocket Shorts: https://brindilletwig.com/products/pocket-shorts-053

They have a yoga waistband (no elastic) and optional drawstring. They fit over my Little’s cloth bum with no issue!

Here is the first pair I made:


The blue and stripes are both from Flying Pig Fabrics (https://www.flyingpigfabrics.com). Their Cotton/Lycra is absolutely amazing! I’ve tried ordering from a few other sites, but nothing compares! It’s a nice 12oz weight, and amazingly soft.

The construction of these shorts makes them so fast to make! Also, the Little loves finding sticks or rocks and sticking them in pockets, so I think they’re a win in his book, too! These are the 18-24m size. After about a week, I made three more pairs:


The stripes again are Flying Pig, but the others I can’t remember. The grey are French Terry with a little less stretch, and still fit him great:


This summer, I made him a few more pairs, and decided to size up to the 2/3T, taking in just a hair more on the seam allowance. They are a tad big on him, but from how much he grew this summer, I know the 18-24m size isn’t going to last much longer. Here’s a few of the pairs I made this summer, all made from Flying Pig fabrics. It seriously is my absolute favorite go to for Cotton/Lycra, if you couldn’t tell!


And yes, that is a banana used as a prop. Bananas are our number one requested snack at the moment, so I thought it was fitting! 🙂

Again, this is one of my current favorite patterns for the Little! Such a quick sew, an easy way to add a pop of color and use up scraps, and the fit/length is great!

Let me know if you have any questions or comments! Thanks for stopping by!