Hello :)

Thank you for visiting my page! I have recently, like in the past 4 months, gotten back into sewing! It all started when my cloth diaper wearing babe wouldn’t fit into ANY store bought pants. 🙂 That is unless we put our 4 month old in 18 month clothes! So, I dug out my sewing machine that I hadn’t really used in years, looked up some patterns, and began! I’m not going to lie, my first items weren’t the prettiest, but they fit so well! I will write about the patterns I began with soon.
So, from then on it became a little goal of mine to start sewing all of Little’s clothes! Which has since grown into a small business! More on that later. 🙂

A couple of quick facts:
Luna & Laika are the names of my Dominican pups. My husband and I brought them back with us after our time in the Peace Corps. We couldn’t have imagined leaving either of them behind! Luna & Laika

We’re currently living in Texas, but moving to Arizona in less than three weeks! Eek! We’ve been married for 6 years, and have lived in Guatemala, Nebraska (where we’re from), the Dominican Republic, and Texas.

Comment below if you have any questions for me! Thanks again for visiting Luna & Laika!


So the first item I tackled for my son was some booties. We had just returned back to Texas after being in Nebraska for the holidays. I refuse to put my baby in shoes because, well, he’s a baby and doesn’t walk. So he always wore socks since it was so cold! But, as many of you with littles know, baby socks never stay on. Plus, Little is pretty chunky so he always got horrible red lines from his socks, even from the short amount of time that he wore them.

So my hunt for a solution began. I had recently found Max & Meena Patterns (www.maxandmeena.com). They had recently released the Banana Bootie pattern, and I loved it! Everyone on their facebook page was sewing up booties left and right, saying how easy they are. So I bought the pattern (https://maxandmeena.com/collections/digital-sewing-patterns-pdf/products/banana-booties) and dove in. I had some black cotton/spandex from Jo-Ann that I used for the outer portion, and a fun multi-colored fleece from Jo-Ann that I used for the inside. Nice and comfy for Little.


My first pair took me a loooong time. Thankfully I sized up, so Little still fits into them. The pattern is incredibly easy, but a little time consuming. The booties are definitely one of my favorite finished items, though. They make great baby gifts paired with Max & Meena’s Dribble Lips Bib (https://maxandmeena.com/products/dribble-lips-bandand-bib-sewing-pdf-pattern).


The pattern goes from preemie all the way to men’s and women’s sizes. Maybe I’ll get around to making adult sizes around the holidays…

I loved them on his little feet! Since these were fleece and nice and warm and cozy, I decided to make a second pair out of lighter weight material. This time I used some of Hubs’ old pants and a baby onesie for the inner! They are great! So breathable for our hot weather in Texas. 🙂


Let me know if you have any questions about these booties! We love them and have since pretty much thrown out all of our baby socks.